I think this is a fairly good story and especially compared to other stories that feature a female MC reincarnating at a young age. Really, There's just one issue.

That's the boys. I don't like them and feel they take too much screen time. I am more interested in the MC making all these inventions with the help of her sister or by herself.

Something is really interesting about how the story portrays medieval time. It's more of what a realistic look at the time period then you see in most stories.

I was also wanting her to start making her products and become a high class noble. I want to see her and her family get out of poverty and become really popular. Hell, She can even get access to lots of books this way.

I hope to see more of this in the future with less of the boys in this. The girls in this are just more interesting. Hell, I do think it'd be fun seeing her grow up.

I also hope to god that there isn't any romance ( Unless Yuri cause you know) I am actually wanting something like a harem of girls around the MC except just have it be friends and what not.