Jul 5, 2018
Eoussama (All reviews)
Sometimes, you just can't help but order an extra dose of sauce to compliment your fries, some people would say fries are not eatable without any sauce, but others while thinking it's okay, a little sauce won't hurt. replacing the fries with Noragami Aragato, you can't really deny to not want any extra content to seal off your hunger for more screentime. but Noragami Aragoto OVA was a hell of a quality dipping sauce indeed!

- Story (7.0/10):
The plot of these two OVA episodes are very much a variation of a slice of life with the comedy switch turned on. There is really no heavy plot whirlpools or anything of that depth, just our characters going through some fun. With the first episode having the whole crew go on a skiing vacation where some mysterious fella tries to kill Yato, while the latter spends time trying to capture his killer.
The second OVA episode focuses on the crew going to Capypa, while Hiyori is still having nightmares from what happened there the last time she went, with Yato trying to cheer her up.

- Art (8.0/10):
I can at least thus far say, the viewers can rest assured, and not worry about the quality of the animation, because it remains consistent throughout the 23 minutes couple of episodes, nothing to bash or drag way too much here, here's an above average work of animation, just enjoy the plot.

- Sound (8.5/10):
Aside from the fabulous opening and ending theme songs nothing stands out in a very memorable manner. Again, it was really great having to see those work of arts once another time. The voice acting was really well done for a comedic atmosphere.

- Character (8.5/10):
As I said before, the whole gang had the focus of this OVA, all of your lovable characters, I like how nobody was by any chance annoying. Everybody had some sort of screentime, they had the chance to speak some words and just be there for the sake of having a good time.

- Enjoyment (9.0/10):
The last season's OVA was fantastic, but this one was way more fun to keep up with, both episodes are very wholesome and engaging, I really need a third season and a good complimentary OVA too.

- Overall (8.2/10):
I would differently recommend this OVA for the parent's show's fans, especial the people into comedy, I've had some great giggles every here and there.