Jul 4, 2018
PhoenixKola (All reviews)
As you all know just by the cover alone this is full of so much "fan service" it could write a book has every style of character from the provocative to the shy and every type between. As a story goes it has one that plays out in often times extremely comedic fashion enough to make me laugh with its wit and sometimes satistic manner. Yes it's full of lots of Opai of all sizes but mostly more on the curvatishios the animation and character design are well done and fit their character types some with more underlying hidden aspects then what is outrightly perceived.

The back story is well put together with enough depth to give the world a semblance of life in an occult fashion. While the anime leads itself to a fixed track often seen in hermes it borrows from others such as a hero growing in power giving it a bit of play where there are love triangles it becomes more of a romance between two with supporting characters who try to show their best to win out. Attitudes change characters evolve and we gain a good sense of progress.

Overall I love the show it's a great show for anyone who loves ecchi with a bit more depth then just fighting for the sake of making your opponents cloths fall off yet your skin never more then dirty (unless you are a male character then you contain enough blood to fill a swimming pool) a standard theme in any fighting ecchi.
If you have the time it's a great binge watch and fully uncensored only makes it more funny at times then odd attempts like smoke, hair that magically covers everything