Jul 3, 2018
hyaoyi (All reviews)
Do you like anime with many different myth monsters on it? Do you like anime which has alot action and boss-like situations? Or do you like anime with dark elements but still entertaining and somehow with moral lessons? Then Gegege no Kitarou is the right anime for you.

This 2018 version will show you how good Gegege no Kitarou anime is. Since in this series, it takes place into the 21st century which is quite different from the older versions. The existence of yokai is forgotten in this generation which results alot of disastrous phenomena in the human world. But there is one yokai who avoid these occurrences and that is Gegege no Kitaro, our protagonist, along with his human and yokai friends.

Every episode, you will know alot of different curses and yokai in Japan. Not only that, it gives alot of lessons in life which is actually good for young viewers.

The art is amazing and way better than the previous series which is a very yes and keeps you to stay watching.

Sounds are good as well, add those opening and ending tracks which gives you the vibe of ghosts and yokais.

There are alot of Characters to be known and if you do not know yet, old versions of the series has almost hundreds of episodes hopefully in this series too.

Overall the enjoyment in this anime is very good especially when action battle strikes on. The feeling of watching this anime is like you are playing an action game, beating out every badass boss in every bad situations. Watch it and I assure you that this is entertaining and a good valuable watch.