Jul 3, 2018
Roy57on (All reviews)
After watching both seasons of New Game I thoroughly enjoyed the series, however the 2nd season didn't quite match the enjoyment I felt while watching the first season.

It is important to note that this is mainly because of the addition of the 2 new characters; Momiji Mochizuki and Tsubame Narumi. Throughout New Game!! I found the majority of the cast from the first season far more interesting and fun to watch than those two in particular. The second season also felt more story-driven. By this I am not referring to a more serious tone, but rather a direction outside of office itself.

On a disappointing note this season didn't produce as many high points and memorable moments as the first season did, but it is still enjoyable overall. On a positive note this change in direction allowed the friendships of some characters to further develop.

I have no clue whether a 3rd season is in the cards, but if it is I eagerly anticipate its release.