Jul 1, 2018
Illuminating (All reviews)
My first review. I hope this review can be useful. English is not my nacional language so It will probably has some mistakes.

Story: It's completely focused on Megumin telling how she ended up in Axel, showing her daily life at school and at home. It's a good complement for the main story and explane more about the Crimson Demon and theirs caracteristics.

Art: As great as the main novel.

Characters: The main characters are Megumin and Yunyun. The two of them grow up a lot in this novel and the development of their friendship is great. The new characters are good as well.

Enjoyment: It was great. It's funny as a konosuba novel should be and sometimes sad. It was really a bad to see Megumin starving and being rejected by everyone in the guild (It's not spoilers, beacuse she told about it in the anime).

Overall: I'm a big fan of Konosuba. I've read all of Konosuba's light novels and mangas. So, I can say for sure that this Spin-off will be enjoyable for anyone who likes Konosuba.