Jul 11, 2010
Swot (Manga) add (All reviews)
TotallyDude (All reviews)
SWOT is a new manga by Sugita Naoya. Its about a guy named Manabizaki Kyou that studies all the time which earns him the nickname SWOT. He transfers into a school that he thinks that can get him to his dream job which is he wants to be a scientist for NASA and find UFO`s. What he didnt know when he tranfered in is that the school is full of delinquents who disturb him when hes studies, and thats when he goes of the rail because.This manga I like because the lead guy is funny and when it comes to anything other than studying (like friends or a romanitc relationships with the famous ex girl delinquent) and being a smart person he doesnt know how to explain it.His right hand man, Iwashida though is just like another weak and small school boy who doesnt know how to fight and when he gets rescued by Manabizaki for all of the rest of the manga Iwashida idolizes him. Hasuno Nene, the female main lead is a ex delinquent who gets mixed up with Manabizaki and Iwashida and becomes friends with them slowly. This manga I like very much and the characters are really easy to like. It has a bunch of potenical.