Jun 27, 2018
Karhu (All reviews)
Hakumei to Mikochi got its 13th episode finally. This directly continues the manga story where it was left, offering us few short stories that are of the calming sort - just like so many of the earlier episodes.

We meet our weasel-carpenter who yet once again saves the day. Not because it is his job, but because he is a kind person who genuinely wants to help others. Surprisingly enough, our second story takes place inside winter scenery. Real beauty that one. At first, it felt weird how, despite the heavy snowing, there was no nature's sound present. Then I remembered how small our characters are and have to conclude snow has never looked as soft and fluffy in anime before as it looked now.

The final part introduces us to a new Japanese gambling game which makes the series look like Kaiji (obviously less moe because Kaiji is super moe). Typical to Mikochi, even our games play along in a cheerful and friendly atmosphere. We see yet another evening where everyone is enjoying their time together so much it's practically impossible not to smile when witnessing this.

Mikochi is so goddamn happy and charming series, and this exact episode is a perfect example of how good the show can be at what it does. The biggest flaw is how the series is only 13 episodes long instead of 50 like Shirokuma Cafe is. Those who loved the original series will be very pleased with this one.