Jun 26, 2018
VileKurata (All reviews)
Out of all the anime of 2018 Legend of the Galactic Heroes The New Thesis is the most overlooked and underestimate anime of the 2018 thanks to the anime elitist crowd bashing the series for its Kuroko no Basket character designs.

For a short while, I was part of that crowd as I like to make fun of the new series by memeing they face on social media website however when I eventually cut all ties with the elite crowd I decided to give it a proper chance and when I finished it I was shocked of good it was for the most part. Sure it may not have the same flare and charm that is present in the original series but for a standalone project this series was pretty solid and am going to tell you why. Hello, everyone, this is Shawn aka PhantomKurata and welcome to my review of Legend of the Galactic Heroes The New Thesis and with that out of the way let's get started.

For over 150 years in the distant future two interstellar human states – the Galactic Empire and the Free Planets Alliance – were embroiled in what seem to be a never-ending war within the Milky Way galaxy. Out from the ravages of war emerged two young stars whose deeds would make them worthy of the appellation of Galactic Heroes. They are Reinhard von Lohengramm from the Galactic Empire and Yang Wen li from the Free Planets Alliance. 

The story for Legend Of The Galactic Heroes Die Neue These is pretty solid for the most part.
For starters the show for the most part at introducing it's characters where instead of introducing it's main character all at once like in the first episodes of the original series the show decided to have viewer focus on the perspective of a single character which was Reinhard in episode 1 in The New Thesis. This new approach really helps with the show narrative as it gives plenty of time for the viewer to understand and care about theses characters in they respective factions.This later happens in the original series as well but I liked the mainly focus on one character in a respective factions right out of the gate.
It does a great job at building it own world that is believable and intriguing.
The thing that I loved about this show is how it's it tackles serious political themes such as racism, money, control and the way the show handle it's themes and topics were pretty good for the most part and it keeps the viewer interested. 
The writing in the series is pretty good the most part. Sure it may have it's hipcups along the way but I thought it was consistent enough to be good.

As much I liked the story of Legend Of The Galactic Heroes Heroes The New Thesis it does has some problems which at times can hurt the show depending on where you look at it.
For starters do you remember when I praised the show of it tackles serious political  themes. Well I thought the show can be a bit too over the top with it's core political themes where the original series did not have this problem at all.
The same thing can apply for episode 1 where as much I liked the different approach of introducing it character in a different way it has it downside such as Reinhard magically overpowering the Free Planets Alliance force in the most simplest way possible. What really made upset the most is how the show paints Reinhard as a smart person. That is not smart at they. He's just been fighting with and against incompetent solders in that entire time who clearly did not what the hell they were doing. 

Another issue that I have with the show it would be the pacing.
While the original series least the first 26 episodes slightly had this problem as well I think it much worse here but at times the show can be pretty inconstant as it times the show either moves way too fast. Meaning that the viewer would potentially miss up on certain story elements just because the shows pacing is pretty inconstant times.

The biggest problem with Legend of The Galactic Heroes The New Thesis is how at various times don't feel like this epic space opera. I know am going be biased here but comparing the space opera elements in the original series with Legend of The Galactic Heroes The New Thesis it's like comparing Season 1-3 of Spongebob Squarepants with Season 9 and beyond of Spongebob Squarepants. It may have the charm as the original but at the same time it's different and it's inferior compare to it's older self.

I know I ended by being quite negative there but that honestly how I feel especially coming from someone who is a fan of the series. I just thought certain things could have been a lot better.

Overall the story is good for what it was but there were certain things that could have been done a lot better.


The characters in Legend Of The Galactic Heroes Die Neue These are pretty great overall as they all likable and mostly interesting characters in they own rights.

Reinhard is a great, fun and intriguing character that I really enjoyed from start to finish. I really his ambition to change the world for the better. I really liked his duo relationship with his best friend Kircheis and he's overall a joy to watch.

Yang is also a pretty great character in he's own right. Compare to Reinhard who more a serious individual despite being a bit bratty at times Yang is more easy going and lay back person who has he's own meaning ideals of democracy.
Like with Reinhard he's an intriguing and fun character that I really liked.

I was honestly very worried that the character in Legend of The Galactic Heroes The New Thesis where they not going to get much character development thanks to it's 12 episode count. Luckily Production IG least for the most part manages to flesh out it's large character cast in a great and meaningful way. However there were certain characters in the show were left underdeveloped but I think they will have a spotlight in the movies. I won't spoil who but if you were a fan of certain characters Legend of The Galactic Heroes universe don't feel too disappointed as they may get they time to shine in the movies.

Overall the characters, for the most part, were pretty damm good.



Visually Legend of The Galactic Heroes The New Thesis is pretty good for the most part.
The background scenery is top notice as it has a great use of sci-fi color palette that adds more atmosphere to the show setting and themes.
This may sound off as an unpopular opinion coming from a fan of the original series but I actually prefer the character designs more than the season 1 of the original series. Yes the character designs may not be for everyone especially for die-hard fans of the original series of how modernise it was but I really liked the new designs for the most part. There  were some character designs that were questionable but they didn't really bother me all that much.
The animation is pretty good for what it was. I loved how the space battle in the series were animated. While the use of CGI for the space battles wasnt that good in the first episodes in grandly improved as the series goes on.Outside the space battles the animation is smooth and consistent.


The soundtrack is pretty good for the most part. It may not be at great as the original but it still has great sci-fi/space feel that perfectly captures the tone and setting of the series.
The opening theme Binary Star by Sawano Hiroyuki is hands own the best opening theme of 2018 as it does a masterful job at capturing the tone and setting of the series. It may not be as truly masterful as the original ones from the OVA series but it still is an awesome opening that that I really adored.
The ending Wish by " ELISA is a wonderful ending that perfectly sets that beautiful mood when finishing an episode of this show plus it ending song at times sounds feel like an orchestral version of the original first opening theme Skies of Love even thought it's a different song.
Now for sub vs dub.
The sub is overall amazing as you expect as each pf the Seiyuus did a fantastic job with the roles that they were given.
The dub for Legend of the Galactic Heroes The New Thesis is pretty damm great. Sure some actors can start off a bit rocky but they better as the series progresses as they get used to the they roles that they were given. 

Final Thoughts.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes The New Thesis is a pretty good show. It may not be great as it has some problem with certain narrative decisions as having pacing issues the show for the most part still has that original series charm that I loved.
The story while having some issues was still pretty solid, the character are great and very enjoyable. The visuals were good, the soundtrack is nice and the voice acting for both the sub and dub was great. 
It's may not be as masterful as the original series but for a standalone production, this was a good show for both newcomers as well as fans of the show. The show may not be for everyone but what it's worth it's still a pretty good anime that I enjoyed.

Final Score 7.5/10