Jun 24, 2018
OneSaltyPenguin (All reviews)
(Spoiler free !)

I had very high expectations for this OAV since I've been following the manga for a long time now.

I was not disappointed.

The episode tells us the story of Kase and Yamada a little after they start dating (if you haven't seen the PV you should it's only 6 mins long and tells us how they start dating). It follows the general guideline of the manga but since the OAV is only 1 hour long, they decided to cut some scenes which I respect.

Story-wise this is excellent. We can see how the girls struggle but it never falls into angst. The fluff is here without ever being cheesy, and their love matures but the tone is always right on point. Honestly I'm impressed by the choices made here, every bit of story is carefully chosen and well told, I was completely immersed during the whole episode. As for the animation it's simply GORGEOUS, while the music melts perfectly with each scene.

Being a lesbian myself, I was saddened by the lacking amount of good yuri anime and this happened. This is a gift. I can tell a lot of effort was put into the OAV and I'm immensely grateful.

I'm not sure anyone can hate this because the love story told is just so pure and beautiful. Honestly I was grinning during the whole episode! This earns a solid 10.