Jun 23, 2018
KyasutoNaito (All reviews)


PLOT: 6/10

Vampires sucking blood out of people is kinda cliche. If there is no different twist made, it is highly possible that there will be no impact on the viewers heart. I love to read incest genre, most likely the dad-daughter and brother-sister relationship. This one is a dad-daughter love but the girl is an orphan living along with the vampires. The twist of the story is kinda unique, I guess. But the story is too fast pace it decrease it's capability to make a good story.


There's really no expectation made for a short manga, most of the time. It's very rare to see a short manga whose characters are well developed. The characters in this story played their role just fine. It's not really something bad, it's just it is also not something that good.

ART: 10/10

The art of this manga is really great it make me screenshot it for about a dozen of times? The lines, the clearliness of the drawing is really something. Though the emotions is sometimes not aligned in the face the character is makin', it is a very detailed one. The hair, the face, it is too cool.


I enjoyed looking at the art, all the time. The character is so cool I wished they're true. Well, a typical shoujo love story is almost always wanted by a girl. Sometimes, enjoyment is not really because of the plot, it can also because of small scenarios and gestures of the character that make the reader enjoy it.

ENDING: 8/10

Expected but unexpected. I thought it'll end there. A small twist, a cliche ending. It's kinda common but it's kinda not. The application of the twist makes it a rare one, I think? But it's for the good. The ending turns out into a shock and it's kindof unusual ending that you might like.