Jun 23, 2018
inuyashaxears (All reviews)
Overall: 6

I would first like to point out the inaccuracy of Maikocchi. There is an attempted rape scene that gets stopped and never attempted up again as well as what looks like a fan service character who has the only 10 seconds of fan service in the entire show. That's two instances totaling two minutes across 240 minutes of content, this show is not perverted.

The season ends on a major cliffhanger as if they planned on 16 episodes, ran out of budget, and just extended the scene they were working on to end at 12 episodes. The show also doesn't really get going until episode five or so since they flesh out each additional member as they arrive. If they edited the first two or three episodes down into one and actually gave the season an ending, I'd have rated the show a seven or eight.

Story: 7

The story starts with two people in a death trap. It then turns out they're on an island and they find more and more people on said island. The story continues as these people go through the island and encounter various types of ways to be killed. It's kinda like a survival version of the Saw series in that way.

Characters: 7

The show gets a decently sized cast of diverse people. They look stereotypical, but I found that each one had good reactions; they had legitimate thoughts and acted for a reason, not for their character's type. For instance, they have an American blonde bombshell in a tank top. Instead of being there for fan service, she is an expert marksman and a cop. In fact, her character could have just as easily been drawn as a middle aged man.

Art and Sound: 6

I'm not particular about these, so I'm just going to rate them fair for unremarkable and move on.