Jun 21, 2018
LSSJ_Gaming (All reviews)
So as you have seen, I am not a fan of A-1 Pictures's adaptation of PERSONA 5 as it trims out a lot of substance from the game. However this is probably the only good A-1 Pictures Persona 5 media.

This here is the Day Breakers. This is an adaptation of one of the Mementos quests from around the Casino portion of the game. This however expands on it to give a good idea on what the game is all about. This has no real bearing on the plot, however it does set up a good spot to get comfortable with before you start the game.

The Story: Pretty barebones as it is just to sell the concept of the game, and is based on an optional sidequest. Basically this dickbag named Naoya is a total asshole to his brother Kazuya who gets so angry, he posts on the PHAN-SITE to change the heart of Naoya. Basically Akira, Ryuji, Ann, and Yusuke along with the not a cat Morgana go into the metaverse to steal the malice in Naoya's heart. This does expand on the quest actually showing more of what is happening in the game so that's pretty sweet. It gets a 7/10 as it does what it needs to do, and does it well enough.

The Art: HOO BOY! Yusuke isn't a fan of the art in this and neither am I. Comparing the work of A-1 who did this OVA and the anime to Production IG's beautiful charmingly animated cutscenes from the videogame, the A-1 version doesn't really look very good. Characters are a bit off model at times, and the movement is a bit too janky. Compare that to the smooth, and crisp visuals in the game it's based on, and you have a problem. I'll give A-1 a 6/10 for at least trying, as some scenes look kinda nice.

Sound: The sound is top notch! All the music is ripped straight from the game, composed by Meguro Shoji. All the vocals heard are done by Lyn. The songs both instrumental and lyrical have amazing composition, and that's a given, being from one of 2016/17's best games. All the voice acting is top notch too, as all characters retain their game voices. The new voices also fit in well, and flesh out the universe as now we know what Naoya and Kazuya sound like. PERFECT 10

The characters are from the game except you don't get to know them on a deep personal basis, you just get an idea which is the point, and they are great characters once you know them so here's an 8/10. Also Naoya and Kazuya's names are a reference to the Toudou brothers from Persona 1. Except Kazuya was the bad one in P1.

This promo anime gets an 8/10 for being a well made teaser that I watched after seeing the game in action, but having seen the action some of the substance is gone, but it's fine here being a teaser.