Jun 21, 2018
ow333n (All reviews)
Yet another stellar manga from Yamamoto Kotetsuko, and 27 chapters no less! The closest thing I can liken this to is Honto Yajuu, which is insanely popular, yet this isn't. This manga starts with the characters basically in love already, with Saku declaring his intention to marry Ryota in chapter 1. The remainder of the manga is them being head over heels for each other while running into bumps in their relationship. These bumps usually involve Saku's family, other men who like him, or their uncanny ability to be walked in on during sex. This trope is a bit overused, I know, but it's executed in a comedic way and makes the first time that much better. One other thing I really liked about this manga was how open the two are with their relationship to their parents, especially Saku's. Albeit unrealistic, both families are supportive of the relationship they want to have which I thought was really nice. Overall, this manga is really sweet. Although it is long, I recommend it to anyone looking for a nice, fun, BL story.