Jun 20, 2018
Blood_Diver_A (All reviews)
[Yuri Harem: a Three Minute Short]

From the studio that brought us Netsuzou TRap and Osake wa Fuufu ni Natte kara comes their latest short: Tachibanakan Triangle. Adapted from the manga of the same name, you can expect the studio to produce a “quality” adaptation. In fact, I believe the studio has the capability to cram over 30 pages of manga content into a three minute anime and make it work. And if you believe that is a “quality” adaptation then I have a bridge to sell you.


Synopsis: expecting a normal life, Natsuno Hanabi returns to her hometown to study at a local high school, however upon entering Tachibanakan, her new dormitory, she realizes her dorm mates are anything, but normal.

There will be tons of poor/rushed development and that’s because the studio is trying to cram as much content as they can into three minutes. You will see many cut scenes jumping from one scene to the next with little time for the audience to digest the previous scenes in question.

There will be lots of fanservice/ecchi content with the usual annoying censors, blocking the essential goods. The fanservice mostly involves the main character getting into absurd and perverted situations that any ecchi fan would recognize. Some classic ecchi scenes include: walking in on naked girl, falling on top of naked girl, girl getting tied up in a suggestive way, ‘two people stuck in the closet’ situation, etc. Still, fanservice or not, it’s overdone and overused, making it predictable and boring.

And because this is a three minute anime, expect little to no world or character building. In fact, if you are expecting only fanservice and poor storytelling, then you’re in luck.


The animation is really poor/lazy with some scenes sometimes feeling a bit choppy. The girl’s character designs looks pretty cute, especially in their chibi forms. And since, this is a Yuri fanservice show, expects lots of bosoms, ass, and groin shots from questionable camera angles.


The voice acting is good. There is no opening song, however there is a heavy metal ending song, which is surprisingly good.


The characters are cliched and forgettable with no sense of character development and few redeeming traits. If you do watch this, you will see the girls sexually harass each other and make suggestive moves in an attempt to get into the other’s pants, as if these were the only forms of communication that they know.

And in cliched fashion, we have the boring harem protagonist (but a girl this time), the childhood friend, the older sister-type with large breasts, the girl that likes to drink and make sexual advances, the mysterious stoic type who is secretly perverted, and the perverted ojou-sama. Nothing new, and nothing exciting.


The entire show was a huge disappointment. This should have been longer, like a regular 24 minute episode, with more focus on the story and character as opposed to focusing on fanservice and ecchi content.