May 28, 2018
ralphgay (All reviews)
"My Hero Academia" is one of those shows that enjoys you at the beginning but bores you at the end. That's what I found out whilst watching the anime, but in overall is a good anime.

Story: 7
The story's main lesson is to "follow your dreams" and that's pleasing to hear, since he doesn't give up on being a hero even if he's quirkless and luck made him lucky when his idol gave him his quirk. Izuki faces the obstacles he is being put to, even if Katsuki is a bully to Izuki, he also dreams to be the strongest hero in the world. I have some problems with the story. One, if Izuki's idol, All Might, gave him his quirk, it would be impossible to carefully use the quirk, since he is a fifteen year old. Plus, if he's a random stranger, he shouldn't have said his secrets and gave him his quirk since he needs to be careful about himself. He should've said that "You... can be a hero even if you're quirkless." and leave to the next incident. Two, 20% of the population are quirkless, which is unfair to the humans since heroes get a load of money, and how if no heroes are available and a villain is present, how would they fight back / defend themselves? All cons aside, the story is overall a well-written one.

Art: 8
Now to the art. This is the second most interesting factor in the anime. "Bones" I see worked very hard and the other side of me said they took it easy but the arts were beautiful. The animation was in overall interesting. I hope that the art for My Hero Academia get better in Season 2.

Sound: 8
Some people agree, some people don't. The sound was a masterpiece. Porno Graffiti and Brian The Sun made a very good job on making "THE DAY" and "HEROES" as opening / ending themes. Well done.

Character: 5
I've been looking forward to write on this part. The characters weren't balanced on strength. Some were overpowered, some were weak that doesn't deserve to be in Hero class. Why did Minoru & Tooru get in the Hero class anyway? He can be somewhere else fitting.

Enjoyment: 8
Jokes, drama, action, sound, art: Those are the factors on why My Hero Academia is enjoyable. Enjoyment is the main core of everything: when it isn't, so does the anime. I should've rated this 10, but the last five episodes bored me being stuck on USJ.

In conclusion, My Hero Academia focuses on chasing your dreams, and never giving up. Sure, some might say this is overrated and something similar to One Punch Man (which I didn't watch yet) but it's a good anime that stands up to itself.