May 23, 2018
CurePrism (All reviews)
As someone who have watch every single series of Pretty Cure, I should say that HUGtto is one of the best. In my opinion, it has been a while since precure actually have a decent series where they use fist fights and does not too focused on the lead a.k.a pink cure.

The story keeps getting better and involves not only on Hana. I am very pleased that other cures also got man chances to shine. Not only one or two, but each also got their own "highlight" on the opening and ending. If you miss watching a precure series with some fist fights, not only relying on magic, you will like this because it reminds me to the early precure series. The theme itself is very unique an fun. The most important part and my favorite highlight, romance. There are some hinted romance and I don't think I'm the only one who has been waiting for precure to bring back romance to their series. So the two things I really love about this series are the fist fights and romance. Because those are what makes precure fun and not boring.

There are still some elements that are similar with the other precure series. Some of it I do like it and some not. What I sort of dislike about this series is the attacks. The attacks are too similar with some previous series attacks and I was hoping they come up with something new.

The art style is somewhat similar with Yes! Precure 5 mixed with a bit of DokiDoki precure. But a bit more modernized.I can't say I'm a big fan of the cures design, but they are not that bad. As for characters, each are very unique and has their own place to shine. All cures are also each have some unexpected sides of their characters which is fun. Its pretty rare to see that in latest precure series. Overall, I really enjoy HUGtto precure and have high expectations for it.