May 22, 2018
Rimasu (All reviews)
It's my first review here and I decided to start with something simple. For starters, I like fanservice. Even this on-your-face-no-brakes-allowed fanservice that exists in works like To-Love-Ru and... here.

Fanservice is the best (and probably only) reason anyone would read ths, since it's well drawn, sexy and the "teens are horny yo" vibe works very well with its characters.

So far, the supernatural element is hinted at and used mainly as:
a) occasional nekomini
b) what passes for characterization

Art and fanservice are the only positives.

STORY is a typical bland harem series with generous amounts of fanservice that pushes the boundaries of what can be published in a non-hentai magazine. It doesn't mean it's bad but it means that it won't really go anywhere else. If story is the starting point, this manga made a cabin on it and lives there happily.

CHARACTERS are also pretty bland. Main guy is wimp and a pushover but he has a good heart and apparently can't remember much of his childhood life (I won't spoil it more tho). His weak character is what allows the advances of all the other girls so he may be forgiven, I guess.
Main girl is... well, main girl. She acts very cat-like (so far we don't know how far is this true), so, expect possessiveness, sexual advances on and off "mating season", quiet demeanor and a loyalty to her man.
Also she is tall af so it counts points for me too lol

My ENJOYMENT wasn't that high because, well, I read it before in To-Love-Ru or in Zero no Tsukaima (except fanservice of course) or even in the great Sora no Otoshimono. BUT if you really like this harem shenanigans or simply aren't as seasoned as I am (it's not a really good or bad thing I just watch anime and read manga for a while), go ahead and enjoy it.

Girls are hot (main girl at least is and she has a lot of space to show it), plot knows not to overgrown its importance, pacing is ok too.


ART - 7

OVERALL is simple addition of all divided by 4, btw