May 20, 2018
JoeGar96 (All reviews)
'Hrmmmm' is what I initially felt about pondering the question 'is this manga good?' The more I thought about it, the more I've realised, no it really isn't. It certainly has its merits,I enjoyed the mystery aspect, psychology and in general found it a weird and interesting read. But for the most part though the story was only so-so, and despite being a pretty character focused manga, I didn't like a single one, nor thought they were handled well, in terms of both their character and the respective issues related to their flaws.

The story isn't too bad it mostly deals with a central mystery to the events which transpire in chapter one, on what exactly did happen. I liked this mystery aspect as It gives you enough to figure things out for yourself way before the manga does, i think I did around chapter 40. This meant though the twist wasn't really a twist, when they finally came out and did it, it took the characters in the manga way longer than me. But this aspect was done well enough, it really did add up with everything and make sense so I like the mystery aspect of the story.

Though the story had issues, If I was able to work out the main twist by the forties, which to me was the biggest hook this series had going for it, then what else is there to do? Just read to confirm it, I suppose, the manga for me, for not only that but its actual content got a lot more boring towards the later half, i worked out the mystery, the manga as a whole was less interesting than it was initially and I was just waiting for it to end, which isn't really a good sign, I basically lost most of my engagement by the second half.

I'm going to give this a slightly above average rating which might be a little bit generous, I did enjoy the mystery aspect of the show, it was initially engaging and interesting to me. But I dropped of towards the end, it started to get stale, I stopped caring and just wanted it to end, though it wasn't painful or terrible towards the end, I just personally had gotten bored.


My least favourite element of this show was its characters, i like very degenerate characters, one which fall into depression or ills, but I also feel like they need to have a redeeming factor, or reasons of why they're there, they sort of do in this series but not really. Most of the characters are kind of just creepy and weird and aren't really likeable in the slightest this read has its fair share of stalkers or people who are just obsessive, any character who gets focus fits into this, its okay to have this but I think they lack a counter balance to actually make them likeable and interesting. Most of the cast I didn't care for it was the mystery which kept me reading and not them in the slightest.

Lets take the MC for example he is a hikikimori neat, who hates going outside, a university drop out. The show really puts him down by making him seem pathetic, he can't talk to people he spends most of his time fapping and playing video games and he has an unhealthy obsession with a highschool girl to the point the only time he goes out in a day is to watch for her and stalk her. The psychology of somebody so degenerate could be interesting, but he lacks the balance to make us find him likeable in some way, he just comes of as a bit creepy and weird.

A lot of the cast lacks this balance I guess their interesting, but there are a lot of stalkers or obsessive people, and they're not likeable or well balanced.

Mari is another main character and well in regards to her they do go into her through talking about her interactions and what she did, but I think towards the end I would of appreciated them being more thorough and whilst I learn a lot about her circumstances I never felt I really got to learn about her.

So I'm give the cast a low rating they're all kind of creepy and unbalanced most of them lack proper development and growth and the ones who do get it, i felt like it could of been done better. i guess glasses girl gained a lot of confidence and grew as a person, but she was so unlikable, I didn't care for her. She was an obsessive stalker who was constantly putting down are main character and just whining about things. Overall for characters I can't give this a high rating, I don't really like the whole cast, the development for most of them is weak, and their specific issues aren't really dealt with that well.

The art

I'm going to give this a 8, I suppose I know its deserving of a score around there. Its high quality and clean, the panels are easy to read and its definitely good. Nothing really for me to critique here, more its just not the best manga i read in terms of art, I've had manga which really make me gush of how fantastic they look and this one doesn't really get me to do that.


This series nails a few things, the mystery is interesting enough to keep you going, the psychological pressure the character goes through is something you can really feel and its initially interesting for how unconventional and weird it felt. The enjoyment gets taken away a little bit with scenes which go a bit too far, there is a scene where a character decides to watch another masturbate, that made me uncomfortable and I almost stopped, there are quite a few like this through out, i guess I can appreciate the fact that it doesn't mind being explicit so it isn't a huge minus. The Characters are unlikable, and the mystery hook and my interest in its unconventionality dissipated in the second half which was as a whole a bit boring for me. I'm going to give this an average rating, as I did like it initially.


This manga is interesting, its explicit, the characters are weird and it certainly is non conventional, but is it good? No not quite, but it does have its merits and its not a complete waste of time, there is enjoyment to be found here despite its faults, but its definitely not up there with the best.

Overall I'm going to give this a 6/10 its faults unfortunately hinder it from me giving it a higher score, i do like how unconventional it is, there is enjoyment to be found here, but for such a character driven manga I don't like any of them, and I don't think the story is that good either so I'm only giving it a six.