May 16, 2018
ta07 (All reviews)
"the flow of time is an illusion, that the past, present and future are equally real, and that time is tenseless"

Hello readers
there i go presenting the review of probably the best science fiction series world of anime has to offer . They say you can't improve on perfection, yet Steins;Gate 0 does just that. Taking what made the original story so great by awesome characters and a much darker theme makes Steins;Gate 0 the perfect continuation to a story.

"no one know what the future holds, thats why its potential is infinite"

story(probably 10/10)
I love how Steins;Gate 0 embraces the Beta timeline.
As i mention steins gate 0 involves a much darker theme and more thrilling impact than its previous season.As we seen in previous season, the series left off at the end of its 23rd episode, except in this version of events our hero Okabe didn't go through with the heroics that brought Steins;Gate prime to its happy ending. Instead, Okabe has gone full on tortured fallen hero, even going so far as to don a jet black ensemble to reflect the depths of his anguish. he is emotionally exhausted, burnt out on play-acting, and haunted by trauma that flares up whenever he's reminded of that one cruel summer. This episode's idle conversations between very familiar friends did a great job of asserting how badly Okabe had suffered, making his resistance to Suzuha asking for further help feel entirely natural.
In short with giving much spoiler's ahead i feel story seems much more darker and thrilling than previous season. Its still lacks some originality also i feel it skipping some of its detail's but it has great potential, some starting episodes are bit drafty and will surely able to give chills through its darker theme's.

Animation and art(9/10)
White fox absolutely fantastic job here.The episode does a great job of tweaking the series into something much more unsettling than Steins'Gate's early episodes; dramatic closeups and moody camera work ensure that the audience is never unaware of the deep psychological stress that haunts Okabe at all times.
On other hand it also feel's somewhat limited by its color palette and a little lethargic in its pacing.Its similar to Re:Zero, appears to be applying some of the same elements and themes from Subaru’s hellish existence when bringing Okabe’s visions to life.though its still great and you will get what you expect.

"My one constant, the one truth that never failed me was you"

Its not unknown that this series got some awesome character complexity that is mostly one of the major requirement of sci-fi thriller story.However i feel everything you learnt about characters like Mayuri, Daru and Moeka Kiryu in Steins;Gate may now no longer be true. You will still find their characteristics the same – Mayuri is still a cute, ditsy young girl, Daru still the pervert and Moeka the shy reporter who hides behind her mobile phone.
Okabe however seems depressed and hopeless and seems like a shell of his former self, its make audience more curious about Okabe's future.

Steins gate 0 is absolutely amazing in every way. I really loved original SG and was waiting for really long time for this. It is definitely at least as good as the first.Its unpredictable,more darker, and always have potential to surprise viewer's with unexpected ending's. Its really fun series for Sci-fi Thriller lovers as well as in short its more like anime verson of christopher nolan's movie's got similar addiction, excitment,unpredectiblity and thrills.

Hands down to one of the most amazing sci-fi series ever produced I believe Steins gate zero has absolute potential as going down as a contender of best series of this year. If you are the fan of 1st season like me you surely find yourself in heaven while watching this series.
Its surely on par with its predecessor's high standards. It remains to be seen if the show will be able to make a compelling story out of a scenario that fans already know a happier outcome for, but the quality of this premiere has assuaged my fears. Even if poor Okabe has to suffer for it, it's good to have Steins;Gate back.


Art (9/10)
overall-Highly recommended