May 16, 2018
HatefulRandom (All reviews)
Disclaimer: Novel reader > Biased

The story is based on the All-Stars event which, like any other all-stars event, is meant to showcase the players. An issue that anime-only viewers will experience is confusion as the OVA gives head-nods to all the titans in the scene gathered together for this spectacle.

(8) Story: The story progresses fast and effectively, highlighting themes such as passing the torch and personal struggle while introducing a myriad of characters onto the screen.

(7) Art: The characters aren't as stylized as in Season1, but the animation quality of battles and the arena are very much adequate and pleasing to watch.

(7) Sound: No complaints personally. The use of sound works well in emotional moments (though without a hint of subtlety).

(9) Enjoyment: I thought the package went together very well. The story was direct, to the point, and highlighted the different clubs and their personalities without going into very much exposition. Some moments will appear corny to some viewers, but hey, it's an anime about e-sports. I'll let it slide.

(8) Overall: A fun addendum to Season 1, this easily leaves me wanting more.