May 16, 2018
Tibo_Bones (All reviews)
This is my second review ever so cut me some slack :p

Steins;gate zero is an alternate ending to the original series we all love steins;gate, in this ending okabe fails to save Kirisu and he gives up all hope of saving her and goes into depression.

Story: As somebody who has played the VN i am happy how the adaptation is turning out, I especially like the psychological scenes. The pacing is also better then the original steins;gate because we don't need to introduce every single character which happened in the original steins;gate (a good 10 episodes or so).

Story: 9

Art: So white fox is at it again, we have all the characters we know and love in some different outfits that look quite nice in my opinion, especially Okabe looks fantastic in that black suit. It really highlights that he is going through a very tough time and that he isn't the cheerful mad scientist anymore. The backgrounds look very nice and have a lot of details.

Art: 10

Sound: Oh boy, oh boy the moment I heard Kanako Itou was doing the opening again I knew it was gonna be fantastic and she didn't disappoint. (besting Hacking To The Gate is impossible but she did a really good job) Some tracks from the original show also made a return and of course they added some twists and turns left and right. Adding sad/depressing songs was a must for this show, but they delivered with that as well.

Sound: 9

Characters: This is where steins;gate truly shines. All of the characters are so lovable it isn't even funny. They feel so real and you truly care about them. Seeing these awful things happen to these characters makes me sad. We are also more attached to them because we have known them for so long. They are also very interesting and are not flat characters without any spine.

Characters: 10

Enjoyment: What is there not to enjoy? We are talking about steins;gate, each episode up until now has delivered and i am eager to see where this adaptation will lead us.

Enjoyment: 10

Overall score: 10 (9.7)