May 16, 2018
Eoussama (All reviews)
What made me watch this garbage of a show anyways? (spoken like my true teen-self), back in the day, I used to binge watch all sorts of classic anime shows, and this particular one used to air daily for a while, and I hated the heck out of it, that I would curse the day, and the author that came up with, but, little did I know (pun intended), the story was much more mature for my age, and so, I missed up on a lot of plot points, but man, has this redescouvery ride fixed a couple of brain wrecks I had since that day, come along, and let me tell you how probably one of the worst shows in my childhood, is competing with the rare gems I love and dear today...

- Story (9.8/10):
Gankutsuou is a story about revenge, I know it sounds very cliché repetitive, and I can confirm that myself, but, never have I seen a more perfect story execution in the medium as this one, the action is very weak, but the strong aspect here is the drama, ever heard of the saying “Nostalgia is a drug”? the drama in this show is an overdose of drugs used at once, I had these moments while watching where I could almost choke emotionally while witnessing the follow up of earlier events, that result in an impact equivalent of that of a mighty nuclear warhead.

I've watched a lot of shows, most of them are what the typical anime viewers would call masterpieces, works of art, and it's a shame that they disregard a beautiful story of this caliber, because, and I repeat, the quality you'll get watch thins is incomparable. Now I'm a sucker for good plot points, story pacing, I do not encourage linear storytelling too, this show, on the other hand, keeps jumping between several periods in the timeline, trying to make you, the viewer, link everything together, it really makes you feel as present as any other character in the story, something that's very underrated in storytelling nowadays.

- Art (9.0/10):
I'm gonna come up and say it, I love this artstyle, at first glance, It was distracting, and at times, hard to even tell some characters apart, and that was a harsh reminder of how much I hated this show, to begin with, but then again, I've experiencd the same with One Piece, and then grew to adore it, it's the exact same senario here, this one the most unique artstyle I've ever laied eyes on, I know dead well, that anybody know to this type of shows would judge me for the fool artist I am, those artists that draw absolute nonesense and call it art, that's what I'm talking about, but do not fall in that trap, do not lett the artstyle keep you away from experiencing the story behind this work, because trust me, you will grow to love it, probably more than you think you would.

Everything is drawn like your typical anime style, but having fixed textures applied to them make them feel like moving literature out of some ancient novel and that's what the source material is really, the CG doesn't look half bad to me, unlike most of the modern hows, at least it doesn't feel out of place that much.

- Sound (9.0/10):
How can I grow old on the opening song, the ending one was okay, but it's at the opening that it shines, ah, I can already feel the lighthearted expression I'm making while singing the lyrics in my head, it's almost distracting, love it.

The soundtrack is another vital aspect of the show, alongside Attack on titan's youseebiggirl and Code Geass's stories, this one is just, aaah, perfection upon perfection, I can't get tired from replying it, as it gives you some strong nostalgic feeling about the characters in the series, as if they were part of your life, and I don't tend to seem and bit of a Weeabo here, just saying.

The voice acting was also a sweet, sweet orange juice in a Monday morning, I just love the french dialogs are the beginning of every episode, as the story is set at Paris for the most part, this really sets you in the mood of a French noble, getting some Marie Antoinette vibes yet? oh god, you will during this ride, and I bet my [insert something you want here] you'll love it.
The voice acting cast is also pretty intense and great at playing tragedy, considering 95% of the show is one,

- Character (9.5/10):
The characters, yes, my favourite aspect of Gankutsuou, what I really like here, is that you hate the characters that you supposed to hate, and like the ones that the author wants you to like, you have no excuses not to really, for once, you might adore characters that are absolutely evil, and with you being fully informed of that nonetheless.
The main character isn't perfect, although, that's debatable, he's still young, and he can make mistakes, the thing that makes him relatable to most viewers, other supporting characters vary, in both characteristics and treats, that you are guaranteed to be injured emotionally whenever something bad affects them, and it happens A LOT.

If I was set to choose, I'd pick the count of mount Cristo, to be the best character in diosplay, for instance, someone might tell you, who's the best, most iconic anime character with a mask, some would say, It's Lelouch (from Code Geass), with his helmet like mask, someother may swear their swords on Kanaki's (from Tokyo Ghoul), but that's debadable, however, I dare you not to nominate the count as the greatest, most classy character, with a cloack, probably in all of the fiction, that elegant bastard is just starting over starts of luxury and complexity.
There is also Franz, the typical best friend of the main character, although he's a semi-main too, he is some real friend, have some friends like him? better cherish them, and this is a lesson though very well in this show.

- Enjoyment (9.0/10):
If some might review my library of anime shows, you'd notice the pattern of the shows I'm interested in, most the gory and dark ones, with a little of comedy into it, while this is the first drama-dosed one I experience, It was more than enough to get me interested in the whole genre, I never thought I'd see a more complex love hexagon(if not a more complex shape) and enjoy it.
The episodes always end up at killer cliffhangers, I had a terrible time trying to not binge-watch the whole series, and instead take my time with it, and it did pay off at the end, but the void that's left is a hard one to get rid of.
The story kept me on my toes for the whole ride, I loved every single character for what it is, and I seriously have no complaints whatsoever, and that's rare.

- Overall (9.3/10):
Gankutsuou, I guess it's time to say goodbye, I will most definitely be back for a rematch after a while, but forgetting those tragedies would take its time.
for this pint on, this would be my killer show, that I'd try and bring the numerous anime discussions and recommendations I get to participate in, all of you drama lovers out there, this is something that you'll really fall in love with, as for the viewers with affinities other than drama, this could be the show, that changes your preferences in a long time.