May 16, 2018
ParsaFakhar (All reviews)
I have not read the manga

this is the WORST sequel ever...end of the story!
it is soooo bad, just imagine at the end of Tokyo ghoul root A kaneki died, it is so much better to think that way.


1)too many characters you don't give a slightest fuck about and unfortunately a lot of them are main characters!
maybe later some of these secondary characters are useful but it's so stupid to show them this early, there are a lot of characters (which are mains) that still need more introduction and more development so don't bring in more people! at least not now

2)after a lot of faggots complained that root A wasn't like the manga -(which was totally fine by me i loved root A)- the writers got scared so they tried to look more like manga but it is too cringy! this anime feels like a live manga! I don't even know how to describe it!! even if you didn't know there was a manga you WILL feel that it is from a manga! That's how bad it is!

3)this anime should have been a depressing type with dark theme BUT THEY TURNED IT INTO A COMEDY!!!! like what the fuck! for example Haise turned into a chef! BUT how? he didn't know anything about cooking! did arima write some program for his brain?!!

4)uncertainty is everywhere in this anime for example when juuzou and ayato were fighting (it was boring don't worry!) I could predict before hand that neither of them would lose and somehow they go in a different way! they didn't even have the balls to decide which one of them is weaker, the obvious choice would be ayato since we already saw him losing and we already saw juuzou fighting with a sss rated ghoul with no problem

5)fights are horrible, there is no brutality, no originality, no amusement, no fun! all you see at the fights is, a ghoul who enjoys drinking blood! YOU FUCKING IDIOTS, we already saw that in the first season and THAT'S ENOUGH, we got the message! there is no reason to show us those shit again (don't get me wrong,i love gore but this season was just showing gore with no brutality, no darkness, nothing exciting)
for example:
the fight between haise and Takizawa was bullshit, they even tried to save it by adding "unraveled" to that!! STUPIDEST THING EVER, why you ask? re is from a different company that takes the adaptation so it shows their lack of confidence in using a soundtrack from themselves! even they know they suck!
anyway back to fight, after showing haise like that any logical person would expect the kaneki to come out (at least temporary), show some madness and fuck takizawa up BUT no! kaneki shows up in his Subconscious! and tells him he is weak!! that's all!!

6)Urie! for a person as analytical as he, it made no sense to make him showing us that stupid and cringy face! it was like he is trying to reach his nose with his tongue

7)I DON'T give a fuck about Saiko, I don't care if she is SOMEHOW! useful or has hidden power which later we will know about (cliché as fuck), it feels like she shouldn't be here, like she is from a different anime! she doesn't belong here

8)Shirazu! I don't care about this clumsy clown either

9)since when Ghouls turned into spider-man?!! the new ghouls that are introduced are so inconsistent with what we used to know about ghouls, in re ghouls can run on walls!! even if they can't they insist to do so!! WHY?! WHYYY?!! and there is a ghoul who can transplant her wing in walls!! that's not how ghouls work! so stupid and inconsistent, I fucking hate it

well if you watched first two season you gotta either watch re or read the manga
I personally hate manga but this time! I think it would be better to just read the manga! on the second thought watch re but expect to be totally disappointed (I simply continue to do so out of my respect for kaneki in previous seasons! I just want to know what will happens to him)