May 16, 2018
Vantaluex (All reviews)
It was good.
WAS good
well not its not
so much potential
its so shit
i'm very disappointed
nearly as much as my parents are in me.
actually more than my parents are disappointed in me
well i need to write a longer review i guess
so I'll talk a bit more about it
so basically i was to into this anime for like the first 18 episodes.
It made a few errors here and there, but they were minor and very forgivable.
****************************************SPOILERS AHEAD*******************************************
but episode 19.
it was like i was about to nut. but then my parents come in and slap my nuts. Then i go to jail because they find out about the child porn i was watching. And my sister dies of the anal sex i was doing to her. Then i realise that she was 4 years old. and i'm 34.

That is precisely how i felt
Thus, unless you are an extreme masochist looking to disappoint yourself, or just fucking hate yourself and want to feed the worst kind of anime to destroy your kokoro and your mind, and be ABSOLUTELY AMAZED by the disappointment this show will bring upon you, go ahead. Watch it. However, if you even have at least a bit of decency, go away. this show is not for the feint of heart.

I will give props for a sound / music. Its pretty good.
i used to like the art, but at the last arc, the sakugas were absolutely shit.