May 16, 2018
Sigmar-Unberogen (All reviews)
Before i dive into spoiler zone, here is a spoiler-less review of the story so far.


The story centers around magical girls who all become eligible to be made into one after living a life resembling a hell.
Now i know there is a lot of injustice happening all around the world, but if you consider level of cruelty and/or hardships these girls (from elementary up to high school age) must have gone through, plus the always increasing number of such ill-fated GIRLS, one might wonder what kind of f-d up world they live in?! (Story is set in modern japan)

Speaking of cruelty and various wrongdoings, the way the story shows these elements is simply non-believable! I've seen many sad, bullying-involved, abuse related stories, but there is a point when you feel bad for the character since the hardships they go through seem real, and then there's this story where cruelty is so over the top, it simply can not be left hidden or unnoticed! Yet here they do! And this once again makes you wonder if there is any justice and good left in this world! You hardly believe that such cruelty is possible, that there are so many wicked people around you. Despite the level of suffering girls go through, it's hardly touching since it's so unbelievable and cliched.

Magical girls get magical "sticks". Some are OP (overpowered), and some are average or even sh@t. No skill or talent, guess it all comes to "luck", don't expect balance patch or something.

There will be predictable plot twists, some minor drama, but in the end you will have more wtf's than actual answers.


just like the story, characters are not completely dull, but usually leave you with an urge to slap them very hard for all the stupidity. There are Many characters, their actions predictable, roles predictable, tastes predictable... Boring.


Unlike his previous work, art clearly improved in MSS, but pile of SH.. is still a pile of SH.. No matter how realistically drawn. There is blood, there is gore, but only sometimes. I'd hardly recommend it for those few scenes solely.


The weird part. I'm still reading this, not because i'm forcing myself, but because i really want to see where it goes and how it ends. (Mostly, how much worse can the story get?) If you read few chapters and FEEL like wanting to know more, do read it, but DON'T HAVE HIGH HOPES.

******SPOILERS AHEAD*************

So far the society in the world shown here is incredibly (and by this i mean "over the top") insensitive, intolerant, cruel, stupid, evil and unjust. Same methods of bullying at schools, same levels of "nobody gives a damn", unimaginable cruelty from very young children... the author clearly hit his head on something blunt at a young age, and/or must be smoking some weird stuff to come up with a setting like this.

Back to the story. It seems girls main goal is to stop or survive the *cough* walpurgis nicht *cough* Tempest, or to say otherwise, the end of all the things. WHY would they want to survive? Most of the girls have short lifespan left. Surviving the end most likely means being alone while everybody else dies - no logic in that.
Prevent tempest and save the world? Why would anyone want to save such shitty world. At this point i'm rooting for the tempest to end this miserable world together with soon-to-dead-anyway-magical girls.

Stupidest plot so far: why give away sticks if you take them back shortly after?
Why only girls, since boys can use sticks too?
Why not just wait for the tempest to just happen? What's the point of this circus?
Should we care for magical girls? They're nuts!