May 15, 2018
abitofsalmon (All reviews)
As a fan of yokai/ghost stories, I was happy to see a series the felt with yokai in a more lighthearted fashion, not portraying them as a nuisance or a threat as many other series do. We get to see spirits and humans living in harmony.

The art is fine, nothing special, but watchable and consistent. The art style is generic, and doesn't stand out, making it look quite boring from the outside. The two protagonists can be unrecognisable in comparison to other, similar looking anime characters.

The major fault of this series, and that made me almost drop, is it's characters. The main character, Ashiya, is annoying and bland, with nothing to add to the series other than an annoying "kindness" - as they call it. He is unbelievably nice and I can't find any reason for it other than plot. I don't understand why anyone would create such a boring protagonist if they want people to be engaged.

The other protagonist, Abeno, also has a generic, overused personality-type, with a just enough depth to make him slightly more interesting as a character. As I watched the show, I just couldn't understand why he would choose Ashiya as his assistant, which made me dislike him.

Overall, I enjoyed the story of the series, particularly the creative yokai that is introduced. However, the human characters are bland and almost annoying. I felt like watching them, particularly Ashiya is especially tedious. But it's a short series, perfect if you have some time and nothing to watch.