May 12, 2018
maartens31 (All reviews)
The beloved shounen series is back again, adapting some of the manga’s finest arcs.

Although it starts with a slightly unnecessary, but well-handled recap episode, it gets right to the story afterwards, starting off with some cool set-up and character moments. Then, things get serious.

Suddenly, villains are everywhere, putting everyone to a test.

What is so loveable about shounen is the theme of not giving up and pushing to the limit, overcoming your obstacles no matter how great they are. Which BNHA exemplifies. On one side with the battles themselves. Especially the fight between Izuku and the physically superior Muscular will have you hyped, with its awesome visuals, set-up and epic sound. On the other side with the characters.

In the first arc of the season, multiple characters get a lot more time to shine, showing what they are made of. So we get to see them use their powers more and work together. Aside from that, class B also gets a spotlight on them after they were introduced in Season 2. Not forgetting to mention the cool villains, each of them unique and promising, with special mention here to Toga, Twice and Dabi. It’s so great to see everyone getting moments of character. The large cast of BNHA has always been entertaining due to its diversity and organic feeling, mostly with all the interactions taking place between classmates. All of the characters are likeable and quirky, but they are also distinct and unique in their own way.

The animation is on point again with its artstyle, cinematography and most appealing of all: the simply awesome fights. Studio Bones reminds us again what they are known for.

As for the opening, it took a little while to get used to. However, it still has some great visuals and a track that will be in the playlists of many fans, even if the two of them don’t seem to mix together at first. The ending is loveable and cute, giving some nice time spent with everyone in manga panel style. However, let’s not forget the epic music that plays at the moments it counts. You know, the moments that will stick out in our memories.

There were moments that made my heart race. I’m enjoying the anime thoroughly, and will see it through towards the finale, expecting to see more of what we love about Boku no Hero Academia.