May 12, 2018
Karhu (All reviews)
My Hero Academia is no longer the 2nd coming of Hunter x Hunter. Rather, it is starting to look like the 2nd coming of Fairy Tail.


We don't really have any plot or driving motion in the series anymore. The lack of build-up in former seasons is backfiring hard, and the pacing which is all over the place is not helping. The content itself is practically pure heroism for the sake of it, and heroes winning because they are the main characters. Really starting to look like it's made by Marvel.

The new arc is really bad. First part of the "training" ending in 5 minutes without there being any content whatsoever. At least series like Yu Yu Hakusho --which did the same thing-- had different routes which people could choose within the forest. HxH did the same thing and it lasted 11 episodes and it was fantastic. Naruto did the same thing and introduced key plot elements and characters. In Hero Academia's case, there is no content behind it. All characters just use their trademark moves once. Literally nothing happens outside it. After a hard day of doing the said nothing, we get some manservice/fanservice, women and men bathing because apparently that's the point of this series now.

I am afraid the word "terrible" is not even enough to describe the current writing. Fanservice fillers, romantic feelings used as a running gag. The main content is comedy. C o m e d y. Jokes that aren't funny at all. The pinnacle of the humor was a scene where dude ate cake while lifting weights. Thus far, the series has focused most on eating food. What type of a person writes FTS like this? This isn't shokugeki no souma... The series doesn't even look like it's based to a written story, more like seems to be some premade story macro which the author forgot to fill with content.


While the characters are the reason why I am watching this show, they are being handled really poorly. Much like with the story, there is no development with the characters either. Unless we consider asspulled power control "development". The filler where they act out of character and look like clowns is really not serving any of them. Does Bones not know what Source Fillmaker is? We literally don't need soft-core fanservice, thank you very much.

Kacchan has been super annoying since the very beginning and looks like he is suffering the Sasuke-effect forever and always, much like that Bullet for my valentine song. It's so frustrating and unnecessary. Could they please develop him into a decent character already instead of making him look like the combination of Hulk and the main dude from Black Clover. So many of the rest of our heroes-in-training only radiate comedy, not characteristics. I don't like that very much.

The villains are the best and the worst part. Really simple-minded characters who have basically no reason to do anything they are doing. Giggling evily because they so evil and whenever they do anything it's practically keikaku doori tier meme. At least they bring some interesting factors to the series and look cool, some even badass. They are supposed to be the half of this show, after all what are heroes without villains... Yet at the same time they seem to only exists for the heroes. Like in episodes 3-4 "yo, we came here now because lol iunno we wanna scare you." This is not how you write villains. No matter how you look at it, the boss villain had no reason to send anyone there. Keikaku doori once again I guess.

The only character who gets thru any development is an angry kid who is mad at heroes.. hmmm. doesn't this sound familiar? Anyone remember the part where Sasuke and Naruto learned to control chakra with anti-gravity trees? Didn't we have this exact kid right there. In here, he is just so random it's almost as if the author thought he was cool in Naruto and wanted to put his own here. He even says the same line "like person like that exists". Believing all ninjas, oh sorry, I mean heroes are selfish. smh

Art and sound:

Bones has been putting effort into it and never stopped. It's the same as before and that's exactly how it should be. Of course, the series could use approximately 20 times less of those comedic relief scenes. Some nice songs are present, but there really should be more. Many of them don't really shine,. Especially the battle OST is there in the shadows behind prioritized voice acting. The OP song is really acquired taste tho. I like how it seems better every time I hear it. Voice acting is obviously identical.. outside the out of character filler where they acted like bunch of clowns, of course.


I like this show. I have always liked this show, but damn if I don't wish it was better. There is practically nothing new (currently) for a person such as myself who has seen all BTS series already. I can safely say that Hero Academia is currently being as bad as shonen series ever are. This isn't what the characters deserve at all.