May 10, 2018
Rikuson1 (All reviews)
Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin/機動戦士ガンダムTHE ORIGIN Review

Story (10/10) Masterpiece

The main purpose of Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin is to setup the origin story to not just the Gundam but the entire Universal Century's story and all of the characters, protagonists and antagonist that play major roles in the 1979's original Gundam anime which kickstarts the whole Gundam franchise in the first place. With that being said this 6 episode OVA I felt did a wonderful job at introducing the whole of Universal Century to the viewer. But obviously coming from myself a person who is already quite knowledgeable to the universe damn near every character that was introduced I already knew about and just getting more backstory on them is just a treat for someone and people like me. As far as it's pacing, explanation and plot I thought everything was perfectly executed considering this as an Origin Story to the lore of UC Gundam I felt nothing important was left unexplained your typical origin story.

Art and Animation (10/10) Outstanding

The artstyle approach taken in Mobile Suit Gundam Origin is one that is quite reminiscent to the old school artstyle of yesteryear. It definitely showcases that this art style definitely (at least to me) still has it's own charm to it in the modern day of today's frequent and quite similar art style we see across many popular anime series. The animation smooth and crisp across every scene and at first and definitely around episode 3 or 4 we get to see a decent amount of CG that is used on Mobile Suits, Space crafts and other machinery. At first I was not too fond to it but by the end of episode 6, I'm not going to lie this is some of the best CG I've seen to be put forth on a series that includes it on mechs especially basically every scene that has the Red Zaku in it, if CG is done it should be done like this.

Sound (10/10) Superb

The sound effects, background music and (english dubb) voice acting you and can definitely tell (especially if you are a fan of Gundam and English Dub voice acting) was treated with the utmost care. Keith Silverstein (who also voiced Full Frontal) can do the most ambitious, passionate and most charismatic Char Azanable voice you will hear amongst the many different english voice actors that have done him in the past, by far my favorite thus far and I hope he voices him from hear on out.

Characters (10/10) Outstanding

The amount of characterization and backstory care we are given to many key characters of the original Gundam series is outstanding especially Casval Rem Deikun. Characters I cared not for because to be honest they get introduced and killed in the original series so quick that you don't really have a chance to know who these people are, are given great backstories that should make a newcomer care a bit for them before they most likely bit the dust in the original series. Many of those characters you get to understand their ambitions and motives through these 6 episodes than you ever did in the original and I fairly enjoyed it and thought it was handled perfectly.

Enjoyment (10/10) Superb

As a Gundam fan I had a fucking blast with The Origin. As a newcomer I can see if one might think that this could be a bit too much of an info dump to the Universe since it may feel like this Origin story wants you to remember all of these many key characters that will definitely appear in the original Gundam series. That might be where a newcomer might be overwhelmed and turned off especially since there is no actual presence of the Gundam in this Origin story even though that is the name of the OVA. One could also say they were better off calling it Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin of Universal Century as that can be read as a more accurate representation to what is present in this OVA, this could easily hinder a newcomer's enjoyment and I completely understand if it did. Some might even say it might be better to watch the original series and then go back and watch this, but I feel if you are someone who can get ahold of majority of what this origin story brings to the table it will serve as a great introduction into a great space war story.

Overall (10/10) Masterpiece

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin I feel accomplishes what I think it was trying to do and that is setting up the Universal Century's lore perfectly. I honestly hope they decide to make a remake of 0079 Gundam using this OVA's animation, artsytle and voice actors. But I'm not too sure seeing as though they seem to be working on another Unicorn Gundam Anime and then a Hathaway's Flash anime which are both welcomed but were not asked for as much as a 0079 remake (or hell Crossbone!).

If you are a returning fan of Gundam you should be most pleased
If you are a newcomer you better pay attention because their a lot this OVA demands you.