May 8, 2018
Mashadaar (All reviews)
So, I randomly watched the anime and enjoyed it so much I needed more... I'll say something similar to what I said about the anime. This isn't for everyone. You won't find much suspense or drama here, in the way that the genre is normally known for. That being said, this is a wonderful story and as a hopeless romantic, I am just fucking thrilled. I've never seen a story like this anywhere in this medium. Romance storys generally are dangled in front of the viewer with the cathartic coupling occurring at the very end or even not at all. This happens in this wonderful story in the first few chapters and it continues to explore the actual interesting world of what happens after two people decide to be partners. It's amazing how rare this is in this medium and frustrates me to no end. That being said, I'll say I'm extremely biased to this type of story. My recommendation to you, reader, is that you give it a few chapters. If you don't totally fall in love with it, move on, this isn't for you. I know This will always be one of my favorites.