Feb 29, 2008
Phill-z (All reviews)
There are teacher fans, and there are Twins fans, and personally I'm more of a Twins fan than a Teacher fan. I find this anime to be superior in many ways to it's predecessor. First it has a smaller cast of characters so there's no real confusion or wondering what's going on with each character as in Teacher. Also the romance that is developed is more...clear. Teacher is quite confusing because you never really know what level their relationship is at.

Story: Maiku (Michael) lives on his own, he's an orphan, but he has a nice job that he worked really hard for so that he can remain independent. His only family is a girl, that he doesn't know, he just has a baby picture of the two of them playing in an inflatable pool. He's living in the house in the picture that he saw in a UFO special on tv (from Teacher). His life is pretty good until one day a girl shows up claiming she's his sister. And she decides that she's going to live with him because she doesn't have anywhere else to go, and hey, they're siblings right? Maybe not, because another girl shows up claiming again to be Maiku's sister. So...which one is it? The way the characters are set up, and according to their reactions and introductions I knew by the first episode which one was his sister and which one is the one that he was going to fall in love with....but I still enjoyed watching it. It's not an amazing story, it's more just ideas that were thrown together for each episode and it works quite nicely, and it makes the show really cute.

Art: Everything is colourful. There are a lot of bright happy colours. It's not a bad thing, but it made me feel like the anime was a little too fake. They never really add too much detail to anything, and the characters seem really flat. I couldn't stand the eyes they used in this anime, they just didn't hold any depth to them at all. However the art does suit the mood of the piece, as it is a relatively happy anime.

Sound: Eugh, They use the same opening as Teacher, and if you've seen it through teacher you'd probabably had enough of it. Seeing it again through Twins is absurdly annoying. The rest of the music is kind of bland and never really stood out in my mind.

Character: Stereotypes. It really makes this a typical anime. Again, based on the characters in the first episode I was able to figure out who was his sister and who was his lover....and I was right too. I would have liked if they had fleshed out the characters better, instead of having the outgoing one and the shy one who faints when she gets nervous. If they had really fleshed out the two female protagonists, made them a little more similar but at the same time making them unique the anime would have been thousands of times better. There's not much to say about Maiku, other than that he's pretty much mostly annoyed at their presence but still cares enough about them to not throw them out of his house. There's also a gay guy....who, as it turns out, isn't really gay...if you watch the episode you'll be incredibly confused. He provides more than half of the humor in the anime. Oh and all of the characters from Teacher are seen again. Ichigo is made into a main character, and she spends all of her time tormenting Maiku....again, she knew the sister right away as well.

Enjoyment: The anime isn't great, it's not superb in any way, shape, or form. But it's still enjoyable. It's very happy, upbeat, something you watch when you've just finished watching something that didn't make you feel all that great.

I would say to watch Teacher first. If you see Teacher before you see Twins and you enjoy Teacher, then go watch Twins for a more coherent experience. If you hated Teacher, watch Twins....because if you hated might just enjoy Twins. That's confusing, I know...but watching Twins before Teacher just doesn't make much sense, and a lot of the jokes won't be the same.