May 7, 2018
Moorym (All reviews)
>sees a kawaii ghost girl in the cover
>"ok imma read this"

kuku Yuragi-sou no ... This manga is kinda straightforward to me because of it's generic Jump-ish elements added in it, I can say that it's Story's uniqueness is not really its forte. Also the characters and their developments are pretty generic. *shush* wait wait wait I'm not saying it's bad [teehee.png] Some of them are refreshing(?) and I can say that mostly are good cliche but some are not so interesting. And yeah if you read its synopsis the MC is guy possesses a supernatural ability but that's not all, he got some fearsome ability hidden in his sleeves *drumroll.ogg*(NOT SPOILER)...... An ability to defy physics, damn, The rules of physics in this manga is really something that even skilled ninjas can't cope up with the gravity and dodge low speed attacks... You can't understand me? well.. I'm talking about Fan Service(fan sabisu) you can say "hmm..then just say it's a typical ecchi jump comic" yea.. yeah but it's 2 steps ahead from your normal ecchi manga. kuku

Art? Hmmm..... Normal. the backgrounds are niceu

Enjoyment? It was good! I really like its comedy and romance part. If you like action stuffs especially OP MC then this one is for you.

Overall it's pretty good because there is a legal loli in this manga..... Just Kidding haha ofc!!(don't report) seriously speaking it's niceu and interesting.

Moorym recommends this one.