May 4, 2018
That_Cat_Dude (All reviews)
The title itself is the description, a goblin slayer who goes slaying goblins out of hatred and for a good cause.

This review might be bias cuz this is the first ever manga that i've read in my entire life. I've watched anime with the similar genre like this Goblin Slayer, but nothing can compare the realism of this one from the animes i've watched. The manga is clever, it has parts that makes you go "what?! How the fuck?" and it fills you with soo much hype, especially the parts were Goblin Slayer slays goblins and at the same time looks so badass, it makes you want to wish goblins we're real just so you can kill the shit out of them! The gore is excellent and all...BUT THE RAPE PARTS ARE WHAT MAKING THIS ANIME SO..interesting yet fills you with hatred towards the goblins, but eh you'll get used to it.

To be honest, the manga is good, its clever, its realistic, its kinda funny(?!), and overall amazing. You guys should read it, it's definitely worth your time.

I swear when the anime adaptation is released, I'm sure it will blow up to the hotlist!