Apr 26, 2018
RapidShadow (All reviews)
Megalo box might be a contender of anime of the year, the level of quality it has is simply amazing I was honestly not expecting an Ashita no Joe reboot to be this good let alone have such a unique art style. If there is any anime that can be considered a must watch for this season it's definitely this one.

Yes it is predictable and there many other series with the same type of story but no one can argue that it is a very well executed and well written story that has some creative elements to it like introducing scifi to the sports genre which some series have done but not quite to this level at least in my opinion. I like the fact that it's taking some inspiration from western underdog stories and anime and sort of blending the tropes together which I don't see very often at least in the anime industry. The story may be predictable but it at least has some unique elements in it that you don't see any recent anime trying to do.

It has an art style that is more reminiscent of 2000's anime so it has a sort of nostalgic feel but the animation never looks dated because its so good that it could pass for something that came out fairly recently. Arguably the best part about this show is it's action sequences, they are not only well choreographed but so well animated that you can literally feel the intensity of each punch. Definitely the best fights I have seen in a while and takes the top spot of the best action anime of the season

Another really good thing about it, the action sequences are elevated because it has such an amazing adrenaline pumping soundtrack that compliments the action sequences very well and the main reason why they are so good. I didn't really like the op that much and the ed is pretty decent but not amazing.

There really isn't anything special or extraordinary in this department, I mean it's definitely what you'd expect the characters to be like so it doesn't do anything that is so special but the characters are at least developed well and the series does a good job in making you sympathize with them and their situation and even makes you root for their motivations and dreams to come true so I'll give it that much credit. If you like cool main characters that beat the shit out of everyone then this will not disappoint because Junk Dog or Joe is one of the most coolest and likable characters I've seen.

I don't really see how someone can't enjoy this it can pretty much appeal to anyone, the only reason I can think of is if you don't like exaggerated or very predictable stories then yeah this isn't for you but if you don't mind that then go right ahead.

I would consider this a must watch for any sports anime fan, the sheer level of quality it has and it's art style will just amaze you so I definitely recommend giving this a try, I would recommend you wait for the whole series to finish and then binge watch it because you will be left wanting more after every episode and you just won't be able to wait till next week.