Apr 26, 2018
vern4813 (All reviews)
I thought I'd throw in my two bits of info. Megalo Box is set in kind of this steampunk futuristic type setting where boxing apparently is still big...of all things. We've got our run of the mill down-and-out character who just wants to have a good fight. You might be thinking "Boxing? Eh, not really my thing." To be honest, boxing isn't really my thing either. BUT, the character writing in this story is very well done. The animation is well done. Voice acting, at least right now, is believable. You might stray away from it because of how the art looks but don't let that drive you away, that hand drawn stuff is done on purpose. It feels odd to say this but it makes it look grittier. Instead of that really polished clean stuff when they combine the 2-d with 3-d and everyone has these perfect faces, nah, this is the good stuff. The fights are some of the best animated sequences I've seen in a long time. They don't do that thing where someone throws a punch and it shows a still frame while the camera shakes to simulate the force of the punch, nope, its all animated and it looks great. The dialogue itself is not scholarly by any stretch of the imagination, but the decisions these guys make seem...real. They get sad, angry, happy, by regular stuff. I think when you just have an anime about some guys or girls that are just regular people it makes it a little better. I think for what they are trying to do can be fit into 12 episodes, but this is an anime that I wished was longer, and I haven't thought that in a long time.