Apr 26, 2018
Groenboys (All reviews)
Edit: After two/three months of not watching anime, I finally got around to finish this masterpiece, and I still stay behind my 9 for this anime. I only changed one small bit in my review: I notched up the story from a 8 to a 9 for its great ending (well, at least in my opinion).

I am a sucker for Moe/Slice of Life/Romance/Comedy type of anime, but once in awhile I like to tip my toes outside of that safe area. It introduced me to some great anime like Made In Abyss and not so great anime (*cough cough* Citrus *cough cough*). I tipped my toes outside of my safe area again with Megalo Box and Megalo Box is a great one… actually not just great, an amazing one! Well, put on your boxing gloves and start your engines, this is my review of Megalo Box.

Story: 9/10
It's the typical underdog story, but executed well. Junk Dog is a really good boxer who does rigged fights for a living. When Yuri steps in the ring and kicks his ass Junk Dog wants to rematch Yuri. Yuri says he can fight him again in Megalonia, a boxing tournament. So Junk Dog joins Megalonia to fight his way up to Yuri for a rematch. The plot is pretty predictable, but who doesn't love a good underdog story?

Art: 10/10
I adore the animation. It's incredibly atmospheric. The dark colors, the fallout like environnement and the low-but-actually-not-low quality. Some may complain about the blurry resolution, but it actually adds more to the atmosphere! This anime makes me feel nostalgic for something I never had nostalgia for. And the action scenes look incredible with some of the best fights this year already. Of all the anime I have watched this season and last season, this anime has the most impressive animation out of all of them.

Music: 9/10
Christ on skateboard to Walmart, the soundtrack is amazing. The ED is reason why I started to watch this anime. The music in the actions scenes are great, the ED is incredible and that fucking tune in episode 2 is also incredible. The only song I don't like is the OP, which sadly knocks the score down a point. But for the rest it is amazing!

Characters: 8/10
A easy gap that a lot of MC's fall into is that they are boring. ''ooh look how so awkward and relatable they are''. Junk Dog on the other hand is probably one of the best MC's I have seen since Konosuba. You only have to look at his smirk. His smirk has more personality than the entirety of the MC's from most anime. A side character that I also really like is Nanbu Gansaku. He is a pretty knowledgeable coach who looks like he everyday gets home at 4AM. You also have the kids and for kids they are pretty likeable and not much annoying fucks. Overall a pretty enjoyable cast.

Enjoyment: 9/10
There is not much to say about it: I had a ton of fun watching this.

Overall: 9/10
This anime is amazing. Oh yeah, this anime is a 50th anniversary project of Ashita no Joe, but you don't need any information of Ashita no Joe to enjoy Megalo Box. That's all what I wanted to say. Get your ass off this site and begin watching this series!