Apr 26, 2018
Karhu (All reviews)
Megalo Box is an anime adaptation of the Nintendo Switch game 'Arms'. Not really, but it could as well be since both are about tool-assisted nu-boxing.

First thing I have to mention is that I don't like this series very much unlike the 7 billion other people who are watching it. My favorite anime genre has been Sports since 2012, but this series is much closer to the Game genre. It mainly reminds me of 'Robotics:Notes', you know the 'Steins:Gate' alternative robots battle anime no one likes, and represents various things that I do not appreciate.

I have several problems with this series. These are:

1) The way the boxing is presented. It's almost as if there is nothing else in the universe outside the actual Megalo Box. From its settings, it is like Mad Max with robot boxing. Cold and deserted world where there is only one thing in existence that everyone loves. This would be kinda cool if that one thing was some badass thing like shark-riding, or arm wrestling, or UNO with tea parties. I find it incredibly hard to believe that at least 96% of the population doesn't find tool-assisted boxing to be dorky as hell.

2) The fights. What is this level of dullness even? Let me block until I die or alternatively one-hit K.O you. Ever seen the movie 'Real Steel' starred by Hugh Jackman? If you are watching Megalo Box, you are basically watching Real Steel. Later on, these fights start to remind less and less boxing and look like Beyblade instead except now people wear them instead of shooting them.

3) The atmosphere. There is none. It's just about our main character acting tough like he matters. The main focus is on rigging the fights, and gambling. Mainly reminding me of Daredevil's past story from the movie Daredevil (2003). Apparently the real story only begins after this phase. Great. Basically filler-content in one-cour show. No matter how I look at the show, the first 2 episodes seem to serve little to no purpose whatsoever.

4) The characters. Since this show is so heavily about Megalo Box, it even forgot to give past story or even a current story for the main character. It's almost as if our main character was discovered from nothing. How am I supposed to care about anything that is happening when the things I know about our maing character are a) he loves motorbikes b) he is terrible at driving them. "Wooo! Go for it. I am totally rooting for you mr. bikes!"

There are some things that I liked too, but these are few. The OST has some nice tracks in it. That motorcycle scene in episode 3 was definitely a badass one. "A man walks into a bar." Made me lol. I'd also like to praise the retro art but I simply can't. Japan is constantly getting blu-ray releases for 70's and 80's classic anime. Those who have seen any of them know that there is nothing sharper than old anime. So what did Megalo Box team decide to do? Add filthers that make the video seem partially pixelated, out of focus and colors look washed out. This is the furthest from retro.

When it comes to Ashita no Joe, I didn't like Joe's character much outside pig surffing (heh, obscure reference), he was a real brick, but at least he was a character who had an actual life and who went thru enormous amounts of development, becoming a decent human being during the run. There is no chance of this happening in Megalo Box without having at least 3-cours. If this is how we're tributing Ashita no Joe, then I would much rather take 4th season of Hajime no Ippo instead of some marketing bait which relies on western appeal.

*Please note that this is just my honest opinion. Many love the show and that's cool too.*