Apr 26, 2018
Derykasd (All reviews)
You can’t be tricked into watching this show expecting it to be something different, the cover makes it very clear what it is, this isn’t a bad thing, but the content is.

I always thought i was a sadist, but apparently i’m a masochist, since i made myself sit through this whole thing.

Super powerful teenager who’s the only character with a japanese name accidentally meets naked tsundere that proceeds to attack him. Holy shit doesn’t that sound like literally every single show in this genre?

I don’t think using character archetypes is necessarily a bad thing, lot’s of shows have showed us that you can do good things with them if you have some idea of what you’re doing. A character being a tsundere doesn’t immediately denies her of any possibility of being likeable or even a good and interesting character, archetypes appeal to a lot of people and they make writing a bit easier, that’s why they’re popular. However, STBD doesn’t even attempt to do anything with these characters, it actually makes then significantly worst because they are too present and toned up, to the point where they’ll be in a important fight, then Kamito protects one of then, and the others show that they’re jealous and start wanting to argue and change their positions in the battle, are you fucking serious? It’s not even fun or funny anymore, just annoying. Claire will take her whip out and say the most boring and predictable tsundere line ever, then they’ll drag the joke for some time, and repeat. Making a character sad and then happy again is not development, and being bad at cooking is not a personality trait. What makes me shocked is that this show didn’t even tried to make sad backstories for the character, Claire’s sister doing bad things doesn’t make Claire any more interesting, the same goes for Ellis. When you make every single important girl in the series fall in love with the MC you limit a lot the development those character’s can have, this is just outright bad writing. Imagine a series with this exact same setup, but the girls eventually go on and start dating other guys or even dating between themselves, wouldn’t that instantly make it more fun? This is a power fantasy, so it needs this bullshit, however, if you have watched Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry, you know you can make it into a decent show.

The power levels and magic system in this show are terribly poorly established, we know there’s a contract and that the contracted spirit has two forms, and that’s all. There’s some sort of magic, that only one character uses for the whole show and is never explained. The character’s strength is never made clear, the show starts with legit one of the worst, if not the worst action scene i have seen in my life, it’s super badly directed, choreographed and animated, Ren Ashbell does a jump, and then he wins. What do we learn by that? Nothing. Having two characters we don’t know fighting in a confusing scene for something we also don’t know is not a good idea. The spirits have elements to then, hence “of the elementals”, but it is actually never important and gets brought up just a couple of times in an attempt to make the fight to seen interesting or dangerous, of course our main girl has fire magic and her friend-not friend has ice magic. Rinslet actually isn’t important at all, she just appears and disappears whenever they need her and makes the same joke about the maid every single time, on a later fight she gets immobilized for a few seconds and says “I can’t move anymore” after she gets rescued, okay. Later on the series Kamito starts hack’n’slashing at max speed for no reason at all. They don’t even have the decency of showing us the actual fights to go up the ranks in the school, there’s not a attempt to make other kids be antagonists and no interest in showing their development, well, i guess there isn’t none, but the point is we just get told that they are getting better and going up, there isn’t even a still shot of the ladder or anything. The fights that do get shown are so incredibly badly executed that they can’t even establish the power levels with a loose soft magic system where the whole point is that the MC is overpowered, that’s how bad they are. Also, why does everything in this show sound like an explosion?

Remember how people from Raven are supposed to be problematic? It isn’t surprising that that never is important either, we actually only see that once when they destroy Kamito’s small house, which seemed like more of a comedy scene than a serious one, since that's why he spends the rest of the show in Claire’s room. The supposedly problematic people from Raven (which are literally only the two of then) are the ones who go out saving people in the city because the school knight's are useless, what is surprising is that they never bring attention to that, why wouldn’t you?

The most likeable character was Jio Inzagi because he kicked every single annoying character’s ass he saw, but he still lost because Kamito with a wound that should have killed him is too strong, Restia even admits that he could win in that state.

I could still go on about how Spiritual Authority is only created to make a bad scene of Claire being attacked by a slime, or how Ellis is a fucking knightess and needs extra classes to read the most basic magic fundamentals that even the viewer knows, well, actually, i just went through that.

The second best thing about this show is the ED, it doesn’t sound totally generic and tries to be action packed like all these OP’s try to, i really like the bagpipe sound and it’s kinda cheery, the girl’s illustration are also the best looking images in the whole show.

And the best thing about this show is when it ends, because you’re relieved of the pain.

Farewell stupid light novel adaptation, and i hope we never meet again.