Apr 25, 2018
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Story: 1
Nothing atypical from the realms of DC when they are not actively implementing a propagandistic agenda (Endless resurrections, extraterrestrial invasions, the very conception of duela dent. Nothing too outlandish). In other words, a sentient gorilla sends all profitable DC characters back in time to Feudal Japan. Colonization ensues. All villainous characters transported back in time are now actively ruling sectioned states as feudal lords. Batman, meanwhile, has conveniently obtained back his batmobile, batfamily, and an entire "batclan" during this Feudal Farce. Nightwing dons Final Fantasy Cloud's hair for complimentary purposes while Red Hood's costume equivalent is a red basket which could cause the wearer to become prone to imbalance, blindness, and uneven tan lines (strangely, this is the most efficient means when trying to conceal your identity). Over the course of this Feudal Fiasco, the villains thoroughly industrialize Japan with Batman successfully reverting this damage using jutsus. Yes, Batman used ninjutsu naruto style to create a batsengan and restore order. Diplomacy at its finest. The End.

Art: 5
Anyone here really a fan of the amalgamation between CG + japanese animation? I thought so.

Sound: 5
They used their main score for the trailer. Kind of telling.

Character: 1
The character's hairstyles were the most compelling part of their personality.

Enjoyment: 10
Sometimes terrible art is so ridiculous it transcends all normative standards and thus inclines the individual suffering under such circumstances to ponder upon the metaphysical and begin to enjoy the absurd in proper Kierkegaardian virtue.

Overall: 1
It is not one of the better animated projects from DC (Batman: the Animated Series, Under the Red Hood) and not as ironically entertaining as some other bizarre DC works (Batman: All Star).