Apr 24, 2018
invalidts2 (All reviews)
Fantastic movie! This is my 1st review btw, SPOILER WARNING ALSO!

There were references and easter eggs from JoJos Bizarre Adventure, Gurren Laggan, Code Geass, Naruto, Black Lagoon, Cowboy Bebop, and even the 1988 Batman movie from what I gathered!


Very well done, although I wanted more then just 1 movie, here's hoping for a sequel!


Animation was great, it reminded me of what Borderlands 3 may look like whenever it gets revealed.


Effects were on fleek


There's quite a bit to say about the characters, There's most of all your favorite heroes and villains all in 1 85 minute movie with some unique changes. Bane was hilarious in the brief scene he was in and 2 face was a total badass! And the Joker was a great villain as usual along with Grodd who was surprisingly played in big role in this movie. Never thought Catwoman would make such a great Waifu. The fights at the end could have gone on longer, but they had to fit it all into 85 minutes.


I came into this movie not expecting much and ended up getting a fantastic action packed joy ride with a great story and character development!



If you like action movies and or anime at all I highly recomment checking this one out and or buying the physical copy, TOTALLY WORTH IT!