Feb 28, 2008
TemplarXIII (All reviews)
After seeing my fair share of hard-core tentacle and group sex titles, this was a nice respite from it all. I suppose you could classify this as predominately soft-core/med-core than hard-core. This had a pretty decent plot line, but it seems to stray off its path, leaving you confused at points due to the flashbacks and the change in perspectives. The general theme revolves around a family curse correlating with the "Expected Moon Ceremony" and its effect of seduction amongst the residents in the house. If you're into the whole Shintou/ temple priestess theme and apparel, then you'll really appreciate this; Suzuna the leading female role looked damn- good in this one transparent mantle she wore ^^. In a sense, this a harem hentai, because the lead male character gets his hands on four women--one very briefly due to the curse curtaining the house. What the story is lacking, is compensated for with its vivid and alluring artwork.

I have to say this is one of the bestly animated hentai I've seen. Artwork is one of the most significant elements that matter to me, and what distinguishes crap from treasure. The artist that did the character designs was " Carnelian", a female CG and doujin artist, which makes sense because you can see a touch of feminism done to the artwork, the whole embellishment and emphasis on aesthetical detail, leaving you---or me anyways, captivated by it.

The sound effects were pretty throrough with the licking, penetration, discharge of fluids, moaning, et cetera. Pretty interesting backround music that compliments the scenery and sex scenes. So, there wasn't anything particularly bad about the sound factor, well I cant vividly remember it to well, but from what I remember anyways, it was good.

Moonlight Lady pairs two intially incompatible people and progresses the story to a Romantic finish fairly well; I say this because with most hentai the term "romantic" usually entails some psycholgical disorder having the victim finding some attachment to the agressor under false pretenses. Usually the line " I want to feel good more" due to some self-found nymphomania, and the line " I love you" being devalued because of the lack of sincerity behind it is testament of the forementioned statement. With that aside, you can find some pretty interesting internal conflicts amongst the characters such as Suzuna and Hayama.

For example, Suzuna being a socially-awkward girl that bases her knowledge of romance off of manga, makes her ill-mannered to Hayama because he isnt the ideal picture of what she envisioned as a man, due to the influence of her manga. However, as the story progresses you see her begin to mature and break away from her initial behavior; nurturing love towards towards Hayama. Social issues is always exhibited by him as well, being a womanizer at the beginning whilst fighting the curse that seduces him, he realizes what Suzuna is to him, and falls for her as well.

Ultimately, it was a nice find admist the hentai garbage you find out there, and I would recommend it for those that like romantic anime. Yeah, that's right, those who are daunted or discouraged by the word " hentai", might find this title as a nice suprise; although explicit, it should be given a chance, and who knows, you might like it.