Apr 20, 2018
Jubilee (Anime) add (All reviews)
Stephen2D (All reviews)
Starting in the same manner like the Italian movie "La Dolce Vita" (in this case with a representation of God flown by three helicopters), "Jubilee " is like the title says, a party showing the life under the threads of time.

Practically, in under 5 minutes, we are shown in a surreal manner a bunch of characters, from the "mechanic boy" who needs a clear objective in life or a bureaucratic mosquito who steps on other people things to a fish-woman with two many fish-masks and a salaryman who reminds us of "Mt. Head" character design. These characters interact with ease, one loves another and sometimes one gets pissed off of another, but these things are trivial in the scheme of time, so they pass naturally like in the real world.

The anime music video doesn't have a bigger message apart from the acceptance with ease of world interaction which is itself subjugated, like all things, by Chronos, the god of time. One can get stuck in it or one can see the bigger picture and be at peace with oneself. The music composed by Kazuyoshi Nakamura really helps emphasize that feeling. For some, it reminds of the early 2000's Beck. And if you're having a good time wouldn't you, like the poet, feel:

"When I say to the Moment flying;
'Linger a while -- thou art so fair!
Then bind me in thy bonds undying,
And my final ruin I will bear!" Goethe