Apr 20, 2018
stepperman (All reviews)
This manga is really not well known at all, and that's a shame. It doesn't even have any reviews, so I'll be writing one.

At first when I started reading Hone ga Kusaru I didn't really have any high hopes, since there must be a reason why people don't read it right? But the beautiful and interesting cover art pulled me in, anyway. I expected this to manga to really blow and have some sort of misunderstanding about the person the group killed.

To my pleasant surprise, it really doesn't pull back it's punches. The art is phenomenal, the characters feel real, and it has it's generic dramatic love triangle (with 2 cute girls ;) ).
The plot is intriguing, and there are some great twists in the story.

So I at least suggest you to try out the first volume, it's very interesting.
As of now, there are only 5 volumes. Volume 6 is coming out later this month. (April 27) And the latest volume is most likely coming in May, or the month after that.