Apr 18, 2018
tonk0tsuramen (All reviews)
This is Gintama, but webtoon version.
The story starts out fun. It's all jokes and laughs. And then it's not. All of a sudden, things quickly turn dark really, really quickly. The laughter turns into tears, the jokes turn into sadness.
This is a tale of twisted love stories.

Story- 8
The story is set in a world where almost everyone is a "mix", granting them abilities. For example, one of the characters inside is half otter half human. Yeah, it sounds weird but for some reason, it blends in naturally. It's sort of like Boku no hero academia. Anyway, our main lead Naga has a pretty powerful and useful ability and is scouted by this hero organization called spoon. That's right, spoon. And then we have the villain organization called knife. That's right. Knife. Guess what's next? Yup, fork. Fork is a talent agency.

Art- 7
Not great to be honest. However, you can see that it gradually improves, like any other artist's art. So it's more of a journey rather than a start of "WOW THIS ART IS AMAZING ASDHKSGF".

Character- 8
Every character is unique and lovable (Well, not everyone is lovable but they add to the enjoyment of the story)

"Sign me up!" *Finger gun* - We have Naga, powerful but yet extremely lazy. HE CAN LITERALLY LIFT A BUILDING WITH A LIFT OF A FINGER. He's a pure cinnamon roll who wants the best for others. When his eyes open, you're dead.

"Please love me" - Morae Baek, the main villain and the leader for Fork. He's kind of twisted in an innocent way. He can't die. His power is purification.

"SYLVIAAAAAA!!" - Guineung. Panda mix. He's an otaku and has the power of copycat. "

"It was all his idea" - Dana, leader of Spoon, and my waifu. She has supernatural strength and tries protects the members of spoon at all costs. She seems cold and apathetic, but she actually cares a lot. I LOVE HER.

"I wath thrying to cath a fwy and my hanth thlipped" - Sasa. A human and bird (?) / raven (?) mix. Can fly. Quiet and seems extremely intimidating, but is actually very gentle and has a lisp. Absolutely hilarious when it first appears in the webtoon. Also a pure cinnamon roll.

"What do summoning circles look like again?" - Hyena, a child but is mature for her age. She's a witch. You'd think that she's cute and cries easily but nope. She's not fragile at ALL. She only cries when the people around her are hurt. Also, she's savage.

This is the main cast. Other cast members include angels and a cockroach butler who somehow managed to date one of the angels and one of the antagonists who is almost as powerful as Naga. Kinda twisted.

Enjoyment- 9
I've laughed, I've cried. 10/10 will go through it again.

Overall- 8
I would recommend this to anyone who has patience. The first few chapters are just fun and jokes but you'll have to wait until around the 50th chapter to get warmed up to the plot (Trust me, it seems long but isn't). That's when the story turns serious and when the tears start.