Apr 17, 2018
Pibbers (All reviews)
Hear me out alright? I know this anime aimed at a child audience but mighty God on high I love this anime.

The story follows a girl named Momona who is transported into Jewel Land. There she and other girls were selected as candidates to compete for the spot of the next ‘Lady Jewel’. Momona’s assigned partner is an adorable rabbit named Ruby that will help her in the tasks. The girl that passes the most tasks will be crowned Lady Jewel, but standing in Momona’s way is the fair Lillian. Lillian’s goal is to be the next Lady Jewel so she can pick Cayenne to be her King. (Soon Momona will also fall in love with Cayenne). We also begin to see that Cayenne may be harboring feelings towards Momona too, but who does he truly love? Who will win the honor of being crowned Lady Jewel?

Overall everything about this anime flowed so well. I really love the art style (the girls style is very high maintenance but also petite with the boys looking stylish and well mannered) and the music is so cutesy! The story starts off to be a little boring but it exceeded my expectations with it’s dark twists. I may be stretching it a bit since it’s been a while since I watched it but since it was the first anime I ever completed it holds a special memory with me. The side stories, especially the relationship between Lillian and Miura, were some of my favorite scenes from the show. I hope that Sanrio will in the future produce more amazing content that can be enjoyable for you and younger relatives. I definitely recommend giving this anime a watch if you love all things cute with a dark turn(no spoilers I promise).