Apr 16, 2018
Freya_Magna (All reviews)
yes, another songs of praises for Shinsekai Yori <3

The anime world has taken an ugly turn nowadays. We live in a time where the improvement of animation and drawing style of animes raises exponentially, unfortunately at the same time it regress the most important substance of storytelling , which is the story itself.

Shinsekai yori is the most well thought out story that this medium has to offer as no anime i've ever watched gives this much satisfying experience, by the time i wrote this review, i've rewatched this gem for the fifth time.

===minor spoiler alert===

the very first experience i had with this show was plain and unmemorable. I even drop this shows for a few month after i've seen that wicked gay scene. My mind cannot comprehend why there's people who thought this was a good show, so out of curiosity i decided to pick it up again. I'm really glad i did that.

Shinsekai yori has this concept where in their world, their natural enemy is a being that is impeccable , flawless , cruel and unbeatable as their histories says that only extraordinary amount of luck can help them survive. This resulting in a battle of wits, which party can outwit others, and they deliver it perfectly. It constantly makes me sit on the edge of my chair, waiting what the outcome of their decision making.
And for me, this is the epitome of storytelling. It takes you to their world, put you on their shoes, and empathize with their situation.

So pick up this show if you haven't, the only minus thing with this show is you'll become more intolerance to mediocre shows as your brains crave for more and more creative resolution and amusing outcomes.

thanks for reading <3