Apr 16, 2018
kevinzzz123 (All reviews)
(bad english and bad review)

This is the only anime that made my heartbeat up so fast. When i watch the trailer like 2 years ago, my mind was like "holy shit, this looks good as fuck", And i was right.

Story :
The story is very interesting but predictable when i watch it for the first time, but still very good. The pacing is really good. Usually plot twist is unpredictable, but when i watch this, i already know what's gonna happen to this and that. but it's still a suprise for other peoples. The way they end the anime is always making me angry. A very basic love story, but i love it.

Art :
I mean like, this is why everyone got hyped so much because of this. And yes, i'm one of them. The Colors, the lightning, and the animation is top notch. except the CGI.

Sound :
The voice cast is pretty good. Kamishiraishi Mone only voices 2 characters in her life but already doing a pretty good job. The music is very catchy and match with the theme.

NOW, THIS IS WHY A LOT OF PEOPLE HATE THE ANIME BECAUSE OF THIS. The way they introduced the characters is so suddenly, there are 0 background about the characters and no personality for the characters. This is a main problem for this anime because love story usually focusing the characters.

Enjoyment/Overall : 10/10
You thought i'll give this anime an 7 or 8 after those review? but no it's 10/10. Because usually i rate an anime of how i enjoy the anime, and i really enjoy it. This anime stuck in my head for like 3 weeks after i watch it, and you know how good the movie is. This anime is not for everyone, but I would recommend this anime for everyone that loves romance anime.