Apr 16, 2018
FongKanCheung (All reviews)

Not exact a review, my point of view rather...

If I were the section manager of SAI Terminal Service One, then I would have enforced some rules like these:
- a partnership cannot allow different genders (not helping much as in the case of Kazuki/Isla but oh well...)
- spotters and marksmans cannot live together (they may communicate via mobile devices during days-off and out-of-office-hours)
- office/work site love affairs cannot happen between a human and a Giftia (prompt partnership change upon any detections)
- Regarding the mystery of Garden Pick, I thought about various things from the time of publication, but it felt that I finally felt that I was finally caught in "the symbol that each other's" voice "was unknown".
- Finally time skip further. Masaya who became a teacher and a glass that comes back and works in Hair Make Isida. And the planter in front of the house was up, over the three garden picks planted there, Masaya and Glass, another one, a small silhouette.

Perhaps SAI Corp might also want to try to create some Giftias with less humanity and make them for use in offices & work sites only.

By the way, besides the main Tsukasa and Isla partnership, I also like the Yasutaka and Sherry partnership.