Apr 16, 2018
Wasakanene (All reviews)
This reminds me of why i love anime in the first place. Wow i feel so warm and fuzzy right now after watching the whole show.

There are so many things i can totally relate to this.

First it's because i also happen to be a single parent with a 5 year old daughter and believe me she is super duper cute! Kanna reminds me of her in so many ways, her (my daughter's) curiosity is what gets me the most, can't resist the cuteness! Dealing with her is somewhat challenging in some occasions, i can't just give her whatever she wants and spoil her! Hard to be a single dad T_T but she's my joy she's all i need so i'm proud of it. Doing the best i can to be the best dad ever. Posing right now trying to look cool xD.

Secondly i can totally relate about work, even though work is such a pain it's kinda good feeling that someone is waiting for you to get home thinking about that is really really really heart warming, thinking that what you are doing is for the people waiting for you back home, man i'm so pumped! And the stuff going on inside the house, uhhhh, I mean sometimes there are also some oddballs just come and visit us out of nowhere and make my life like a living hell but it makes the place brighter so i just suck it up and deal with it, as long as everyone's happy "odd ball relatives" xD.

This anime i can totally relate except for the dragons and stuff, come on they ain't real! But the story is surprisingly realistic, that is why i can totally relate to this, for those people who can't, just wait for your chance in real life.

As for the comedic side of the anime i totally LAUGHED MY ASS OUT (LOL), the part where Tooru tries to feed her master with her tail really cracks me up, like wtf xD. And there's so much more i dunno where to begin.

The art is adorable like hell wow! I have a softie on such beautiful colors and wonderful characters designs. Yes! I admit i like cute stuffs! Do you have a problem with that!?

Music.. awwww mannn.. this is one of the animes that i don't skip the music! I freakin love it, as a musician myself i admit it is really good, it adds up to the cutesy theme of the whole anime and you guys did it pretty well pulling this one off.

As a whole i personally give it a 10/10. That's how amazing anime slice of life it is. Thank you so much Anime Jesus for sharing me such wonderful creation! I can totally work my ass out for the future otaku's.